International Business EPLegal


EPLegal has experience in legal aspects concerning anti- dumping, international trade, shipping and marine insurance. Its lawyers also have many years of experience dealing with international treaties compliance in force in Vietnam.
Legal services in this area range from trade remedies, import/export contracts, export/import duties and custom regulations, goods processing contracts, the purchase and sale of vessels and offshore structures, through to time/voyage charter parties, freighting of goods.
• Our practice covers the following services:
– Advising trade remedies on imports in Vietnam, and exports to foreign markets.
– Drafting or reviewing sales & purchase contracts, international service contracts and charter parties;
– Advising on CWHT, export/import duties and custom regulations;
– Advising on the requirements of licenses and permits related to international trade/shipping operations in Vietnam, assisting clients to obtain the same;
– Advising on the risk allocation/management and insurance aspects of international trade activities