Banking & Finance

Finance transactions are extremely complex and therefore need advisers with extensive knowledge of finance and banking. EPLegal is also proud of having outstanding partners with extensive hands-on experience relating to finance, banking, procurement, especially project finance. In addition, EPLegal possesses highly qualified lawyers and consultants accredited in Vietnam, England and the United States with a normal range of 10-20 years of experience in legal and contract related practices. Apart from foreign partners who are PhD holders, most of EPLegal partners and associates at senior level have obtained LLM degrees issued by prestigious universities in UK, US, France, Belgium and Vietnam. The mixture of Vietnamese expertise and international knowledge makes EPLegal the perfect legal service choice for the field of finance and banking.

EPLegal provides a wide range of legal services for finance and banking, particularly:
• Negotiation and preparation of documents relating to borrowing and lending capital, preparing loan agreements and security documents;
• Assist clients in multiple complex syndicated loans;
• Provide comprehensive legal advice regarding the structure of financial transactions includes the issuance of international bonds, the collection of interests and assets, the purchase of credit, and investment in corporate bonds.