Our professional member has the proven skills, industry experience, and acquired knowledge to provide top quality advice covering all aspects of aviation.

Our experts have gained substantial experience in assisting clients with legal matters in aircraft lease/novation/transfer transactions such as preparation of and drafting aircraft lease agreement, novation/transfer agreement.

In addition, we also provide clients with a broad range of advice services for owners, lessors, lenders and guarantors in the planning and exercise of remedies in connection with financing and refinancing transactions.

In Vietnamese aviation market, we have experience in representing VietJet Aviation Joint Stock Company in all types of international operating lease transactions with foreign lessors. That said, we are one of the few Vietnamese firms with established knowledge and experience in the developing market for the commercial aviation sector in Vietnam.
We are proud that our legal advices give client a clear understanding and perspective of the myriad issues that an aircarft transaction must creatively and effectively address.