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A webinar presented by EPLegal and Peter & Kim

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic with a frozen economy and lockdown orders in many Asian countries have thrown the energy industry into unprecedented challenges, and at the same time caused the number of disputes to skyrocket. Yet it is not easy to resolve these disputes where there are on-going waves of COVID-19 infections, and restrictions on travel and construction work remain in place.

This webinar will provide insights on the dynamics and suggestions for dispute resolution in the oil & gas and energy sectors, with a focus on construction disputes, gas agreement disputes and tax related disputes. It will also touch on particular issues, such as the use of experts and technical witnesses in energy disputes while travel restrictions remain in place. Panellists with diverse backgrounds will cite examples from Vietnam, Korea and other Asian countries in their discussion of these topics.

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About EPLegal

Established in 2009, EPLegal is the first Vietnamese law firm which is specialized in oil & gas Industry with the foremost legal practice to support clients’ needs in the energy industry In Vietnam. Since then, the firm has been providing comprehensive legal services in support of local Vietnamese and international commercial transactions, incorporations, mergers & acquisitions, maritime and aviation and other legal interests.

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EPLegal is the foremost legal practice to support clients’ needs for the Energy Industry in Vietnam.



EPLegal provides high-level legal services which covers a board range of issues, including foreign investment, corporate, M&A, and joint ventures.



EPLegal’s dedicated team provides a service based on in-depth epertose in every aspect of the construction industry


EPLegal’s partners possess extensive hands-on experience relating to finance, banking, procurement, especially project finance.


EPLegal is known for market-leading practice covering all aspects of shipping and aviation law.


EPLegal has years of experience in assisting our valued clients in both domestic and overseas dispute resolution and litigation cases.

Why Us?

Core Practice

EPLegal is a dynamic firm on the forefront of its core practice areas with market perspective and practical approach.

An Integrated Team

EPLegal represents an integrated team of highly qualified, industry-recognized lawyers and consultants whose aspiration is to provide innovative and comprehensive legal services to our clients.

Positive Recognition

EPLegal acts with disciplined and intense effort towards clients’ interest and has earned positive recognition from international and local corporations.


EPLegal’s team of lawyers and consultants have in-depth knowledge of Vietnamese law thanks to their academic background and many years of working experience in international law firms, legal environment – contracts and solutions. resolve issues of commercial interest.

EPLegal owns a team of highly qualified lawyers and consultants recognized in Vietnam and the UK with a range of experience from 10-30 years in the field of legal and contract. Most of EPLegal’s member lawyers and senior associates have at least a Master of Law degree from famous universities in the UK and Vietnam.

The combination of national and international expertise makes EPLegal the perfect legal service choice for projects in the event of actual or potential conflicts about the dispute resolution body, jurisdiction jurisdiction over the assets, transactions and relationships between the parties. In addition to ensuring these transactions are strictly adhered to in accordance with Vietnamese laws, we can advise clients on the most effective and favorable options for each type of relationship as well as effective structures.

EPLegal is committed to providing legal services enthusiastically and reliably to help clients avoid the smallest legal risks by:
⇒ Knowledge of the law
⇒Optimizing the legal rights of customers


EPLegal possesses highly qualified lawyers and consultants with a normal range of 10-20-year experience in legal and contract related practices. The mixture of Vietnamese expertise, and international knowledge makes EPLegal the perfect Iegal service choice for projects where there are actual or potential conflicting forums or jurisdictions over the assets, transactions or relationships among the parties. While ensuring Vietnamese laws are always observed by these transactions, we are also able to advise the most effective; or convenient forum of choice for each type of relatlonship and the most efficient structure.

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